Flower Essences - A Natural Addition to Natural Healing Therapies

My name is Marion and I have been in health care for more than 30 years. Early on in my career I began to wondered if there was something we were missing in our medical system. Then several things happened that opened the door for me. I had the opportunity to go to China with a delegation of Registered Nurses from across Canada. We toured hospitals and health units and I saw 1st hand how another culture views health. This was over 20 years ago and since then I have been learning and using complimentary therapies in my life and practice.

I started Elemental Energies in 2000 and it has evolved over the years, starting with making flower essence and helping people heal with the energies growing locally, to having a service that offers several healing modalities that I use during a session. I am a Reiki Master, Flower Essence Practitioner/Producer and have an advanced certificate in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), and soon to be Registered Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist. I love working with these modalities as they are gentle and effective ways of remove blockages so we have more energy to do the things we love. Think of the potential you could have if you were free from physical and emotional pain!

I am also a practicing registered nurse in the area of Maternal child care. I have a special love of working with pregnant and new moms. I feel that the way we birth our babies has a profound and lifelong impact on families. It affects how we see ourselves and our ability to parent, it impacts our health and wellbeing, how we interact with our children and resonates through our child`s development and personality.

I will first discuss the therapy that started my natural healing therapies, and that is Flower Essences, a natural addition to healing therapies

Flower essences – those wonderful energies that nature has given us! Not to be confused with aromatherapy, flower essences are the energy of flowers, transferred to water and preserved in brandy. Flowers are picked in the morning, place in a clear bowl of spring water and left in the sun to potentize the healing water. Brandy is usually used to preserve not only the water, but also the vibration of the essence. This is the method developed by Dr. Bach in the 1930’s and is used by most essence producers. Flower essences are by far the most well-known of vibrational essences, but you can also find them made from gems, minerals, animals, the environment and spirit.

Flower and other vibrational essences work on our energetic bodies to keep us balanced. Too much or too little of anything can tilt the balance of our well-being, creating minor discomfort to chaos and disease. Essences help bring us back to center so we can cope with our life challenges.

I have previously written about collaboration with Kristina Nielsen. I made an essence called Heart’s Desire and Kristina made a meditation CD called Desire. I’ve had several comments saying what a wonderful the combination is it. Essences support, stabilize and maintain healing by other therapies, and because they can be used in so many ways, they are easy to incorporate into all healing modalities.

I often put essences on my hands and do Reiki on my clients. The treatment seems to be enhanced with this method. And while taking my Reiki Master training, I felt called to use essences during the attunement. The instructor, a wonderful woman who has been doing Reiki for many years and is certified in many types of Reiki practices, was amazed at the energy and power when I did an attunement on her using the essences. She now is using essences in her Reiki practice. When I took a short course in Korean Hand Massage, I could hardly wait to massage essences into people’s hands. Dandelion essence worked well to relieve minor stiffness of arthritic hands. One flower essence workshop I went to we used essences topically on chakras to do chakra balancing, and when doing a class with Kristina, we placed the whole bottle of essence on the chakra to shift the energy.

A friend and I made up sprays we call IridEsScents, which combine aromatherapy and colour with essences. The 3 energies are synergistic in their effect. My friend uses them to spray her clients’ energy fields, while I use them before and after my clients to clear and enhance the energy of the room. I also know of practitioners who put essences in their massage oils, or directly on to reflexology and acupressure points. Other practitioners give them to their clients following a healing session to support the work that has been done. And of course, essences can be used by the practitioner to keep themselves grounded, centered and protected during the healing they give to clients. Yarrow is a great essence for protection and I blend white, pink and yellow yarrow together for protection from electromagnetic radiation, from picking up other people’s emotional “radiation”, and from things we ingest. I have even put the essence Love in the Mist into my face cream in the morning. No one has told me I look younger, but I feel more radiant knowing the energy surrounds me and the world does look more beautiful. You can also put some in a relaxing bath and immerse yourself in the energy.

People often ask me about using them with allopathic medications. As an asthmatic with 2 asthmatic children, I made up a blend of essences called Breathing Free. This takes away chest tightness in our mild cases and decreases the number of times we need to use our inhalers during worse attacks or colds. It seems to enhance the effectiveness of our medication. Others have used Breathing Free and reported the same thing.

The energy of the essences can even be used for distance healing. I do an energetic transfer of the energy, and then send a bottle of a blend of essences to support and maintain the work done. As with any energetic healing, there is no diagnosis or claims, just a great many retrospective stories!

These are some of the ways flower and other vibrational essences can be used. Alone they can be very powerful healers. When combined with other healing modalities, both are enhanced and the essences help supports the shifts.

As a natural healing practitioner, I also work with other natural medicine practitioners such as a chiropractor, functional medicine and/or naturopathic doctor, massage therapist, homeopathic practitioner, and others. I have achieved good results for my patients while working with a naturopathic doctor. The CAND or Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors is a good place to start your search for a practitioner near you. For example, Dr. Amauri Caversan, ND, is a Naturopath in Toronto who also uses a combination of natural therapies to help his patients. Other doctors are also available in the GTA, so it is best to do your research and find one that suits your needs.

With a little imagination, essences can be incorporated into any healing practice to add an extra spark. 😊 You will find that there are endless possibilities for using them. I wish you the best of luck in your healing journey!